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Use this website to express your agreement with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Also, the site contains points that are not tomsshoesonsales run to include other sites. This may be your third party data collected and shared with us. Tomsshoesonsales is a cautious choice among partners, sponsors and affiliates, but tomsshoesonsales are not responsible for personal information that is abused by these third parties. We recommend that you check that you have confirmed that you have accepted the use of website to agree to this Privacy Policy.In addition to the terms and conditions of the company’s policy on each site listed in the privacy policy, the site contains no policy Tomsshoesonsales run the site. This may be your third party data collected and shared with us. Tomsshoesonsales is a cautious choice among partners, sponsors and affiliates, but tomsshoesonsales are not responsible for personal information that is abused by these third parties. We recommend that you review the privacy policy that you use to confirm the policy of receiving the company on each website.

1. Personal information can be identified and used

When using the service, we may ask you to provide all or part of the following information: name, address, e-mail page, bank account number and telephone number, age details (“personal information”). We may also ask you to provide comments or answers your favorite activities, as well as favorite numbers and other topics of interest to sports fans.
To purchase any live event to display on this site and participate in any contest or feature message, download any content, participate in the interactive features of the site, or get information from such as related service newsletters or emails. You must register and provide accurate information about your website for proper service, and this information may not work properly.
We may use the personal information you provide to do so: • You provide personal visits to our website • Recommend anything that may be of interest, service or promotion to you (but only if you ask us to do so); our presentation and Site design to ensure that our services are useful and enjoyable; • contact you for market research. And • send an early e-mail I have recorded a warning.
However, does not sell or release your personal information whether there is a third party and its partners, sponsors and affiliates.
If you do not wish to receive promotional information from our marketing funds or partners, sponsors and affiliates, you may choose not to provide tomsshoesonsales personal information. Because it can be updated on the site of the file user profile.
Please note: if you decide not to get the information and tomsshoesonsales can not always be able to inform you of the latest products, services or special offers that may be your best interest and in our ability to inform you of the significant contribution of live events or information services The impact, and you can be.

2. safe

As far as we know, your personal information is important to you. When personal information is handled, security is the ultimate goal and it is ensured that personal information is fully maintained by our security strategy. Your personal information, password protected, protected from any reasonable scientific and technological activities unauthorized disclosure of any personal information provided. Do not, however, provide personal information transmitted via SSL encryption technology. We advise you not to give the password a notice.

3. Information collected

In order to evaluate the site and make sure we provide you with the content and services that are of interest to us, we will collect and store statistics on how to use the website, your Internet service name, any website mentioned you, you see this site at the site , Date and time, we may use personal information to develop information about the population and the site. The collected information does not recognize your identity. We can share information with business partners, sponsors, affiliates, and we have information collected by other third parties.
In the appropriate can also be combined with other online records received by the information to enhance our ability to inform you that we think will be your interest in products and services. If you do not wish to receive these notifications, please send us an e-mail customer service.

4. Biscuits

We use cookies to correctly ensure the functionality of the site and improve the user experience. Cookies are usually a series of websites that are sent to your hard drive letter and / or messages. Cookies make the site “remember” your visit is good and duration (session cookie) or repeat access (persistent cookies). We recommend that you visit the website, If you want to get in-depth information about cookies.
On this site, we use this type of biscuits:
Cookies are indispensable and important are the safe sailing around the site and provide you with specially requested services. For example, it helps to ensure that payments have been made by function aman.Cookies these files to improve the performance of your site by storing your favorite sites. For example, you can remember your name and your location if you provide this information to the cookie ini.Cookieskinerja to improve the performance of the site. For example, help to load more pages cepat.Cookies these biscuits online behavior data store internet behavior, such as your browsing history. For example, they help us tailor the advertising interests Anda.Banyak web browser will automatically accept cookies, but if you wish, you can change your browser to prevent it. You do not need to accept cookies, you can customize your browser settings to prevent your receipt from biscuits on your computer – visit Search Help Disable cookies. However, you may not be able to obtain the full benefits of our website, or if you disable cookies.Jika you register with us, or if you are still using this site, you agree that we use those who define cookies to use certain jobs.

5. Information disclosure for law enforcement purposes

Tomsshoesonsales correct access and disclosure of personal information comply with applicable legal and legal government requirements, to properly operate the system, or to protect yourself or others. can try to disclose personal information prior to obtaining prior consent, but no obligation to do so.

6. Parents and guardians

This site is a website published to the community. We do not know the site under 13 years old to collect and / or personal information released by children. However, your child can not use the interactive features on some sites without having to provide personal information. We recommend using the site with your kids, or if they are interested in using interactive features Website.Jika, in the future, tomsshoesonsales actively collects personal information about children and conducts activities on the Internet in accordance with the Child Protection Act 1998 privacy.

7. Visit your information

The Data Protection Act gives you the rights, including the right to access your personal information. Our data controller provides you with a copy of our personal information about you, with a management fee of £ 10. If you would like to visit our personal information, please contact us via our customer service.Anda also requires that at any time we insist on updating or fixing personal information.

8. You agree to these terms

If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, these changes will be posted on this page to keep you informed of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances to disclose this information. We will not use or disclose your personal information in this way, nor does it not let you know, give you a chance to not give these unrelated advantages to the above aspects of an offer provided to us.